Join the Co-op community. 


Incorporated almost 35 years ago, the inspiration for College Hill Co-op remains our driving force to this day: families coming together to create something better. As a tight knit community, we serve as resources to each other for help with recipes, babysitters, kid-friendly restaurants, and so much more.

At the Co-op, we work together, play together, and grow together. Here is a little bit more about what we have to offer: 

  • Low Ratios– Our adult:child ratios are lower than ratios mandated by the state, and our class sizes are much smaller than what is typically found in the area. Low ratios help ensure quality care, stronger engagement, and happier teachers. Our ratios are as follows: 
    • 1:4 for infants, with a maximum of 8
    • 1:6 for toddlers, with a maximum of 12
    • 1:9 for preschoolers, with a maximum of 12
  • Integrated Age Groups- Our 3 room model--Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers--is focused on the development of the child, rather than age. This quickly emerging standard, is a model that integrates a wider variety of development, which helps younger children learn skills from their peers, and older children learn to be great helpers and leaders.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Co-op offers flexibility for families who need full time and/or part time care. Families can choose from as little as 2 days to as many as 5 days weekly, with half-days also available. Co-op cares for children from 7:45 am- 5:30 pm Monday-Friday.   
  • Nurturing Environment – Our experienced, caring teachers provide the stability and stimulation that children need to grow and develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.
  • Nutritious Eats- Our constantly evolving snack program, exceeds North Carolina nutrition requirements with the highest quality foods. Co-op goes to extra lengths to assure that our snack foods are no-sugar-added, minimally processed, and organic when possible. Our snacks are always vegetarian friendly. 
  • Fun Opportunities – The children frequently participate in field trips, animal encounters, music classes, gymnastics, water-play. They work in Co-op’s small garden, visit theater shows, hold seasonal parades, and explore the local neighborhood.
  • Parent Involvement – College Hill Co-op is parent-owned and parent-operated. Parent involvement is essential to provide our children with the best environment. Requirements include two hours per week as a staff assistant, monthly Co-op parent meetings, and participation in one of Co-op’s special interest groups, where collaborative efforts help sustain our business and mission.
  • After-School Care- Decide you love Co-op and never want to leave? Co-op offers after-school care for grades K-5. Many of our after-schoolers are students at Lindley Elementary, and have been at Co-op since their infancy. 


Call us at (919) 631-7358 for more information or to arrange a tour!