Meet one of the most dedicated teams in early education in the Piedmont. Our teachers are leaders, friends, mentors, and role models. They are the ones we trust to introduce our little ones to the world. 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
— -Dr. Seuss
Katie Southerland, Director

Katie Southerland, Director

Katie became Co-Op’s Director in 2013, after working as the Lead Toddler Teacher for two and a half years. She earned her BA in English (with a minor in Studio Art) from UNCG in 2004, her Early Childhood Credential in 2011, and her Early Childhood Administration Credential in 2014.

She enjoys talking with children about their ideas and loves watching the learning process unfold, especially if it involves art. Event-planning and creative problem-solving are Katie’s favorite parts of her job.  She also helps create a strong community of families and teachers at Co-Op and enjoys seeing everyone support one another.

When she is not at Co-Op, Katie enjoys trying different kinds of arts and crafts, which include recent projects in painting, collage, cross stitching, pyrography and fairy gardens. She also likes building obstacle courses for her pet gerbils, playing board games with friends, and going to coffee shops. Katie is happiest when she is in or near any body of water, and loves spending time with her husband Justin.

Daniel Moore,   Lead Teacher

Daniel Moore, Lead Teacher

Daniel Moore is the Lead Teacher of the Preschool classroom.  He earned his Early Childhood Credential from Guilford Technical Community College in 2014.  He has worked at CHCC since 2012.  Before coming to CHCC, Daniel served in the U.S. Army for 4 years, working as a Medic and a Chaplain’s Assistant. Daniel has also spent time volunteering as an adult leader in a local troop of the Boy Scouts of America.

Some of Daniel’s favorite classroom activities include story time, construction play, and outside games.  He finds great joy in helping the children gain independence and prepare for kindergarten.  Facilitating independence is one of Daniel's key goals, as he encourages the children in his class to do many tasks on their own and to help each other. 

Mr. Daniel has a 12 year old son and together they enjoy watching movies and playing laser tag. Our preschool teacher is also a “retired” player of the coop kickball team and is currently their #1 fan; he can be found cheering for the team every Tuesday from the stands.

Wendy Masters, Lead Teacher                                                              

Wendy Masters, Lead Teacher                                                             

Wendy Masters is the Lead Teacher in the Infant/Toddler classroom, working most closely with the infant group.  She worked as a sub for CHCC for several years and has been a Lead Teacher since 2016.  She graduated in 2016 with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

Wendy finds much joy in watching babies and children reach milestones, especially when they’ve been working hard on reaching them. She says “that look of pride is so rewarding.”  Wendy loves getting to know the families at CHCC and appreciates the true sense of community, describing coop sometimes by saying its like a “village created for the children”. She enjoys creating a safe, enriching environment for the children and loves to encourage children to develop at their own pace.

Mrs. Wendy is married and in her free time enjoys going to the beach, listening to the Beatles, and reading comics.  She is also a big fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.

Audra Masters, Lead Teacher

Audra Masters, Lead Teacher

Audra Masters has worked at CHCC since 2016 and is a Lead Teacher in the Infant/Toddler classroom, heading up the toddler group. She is a NC Childcare credentialed early educator and has worked with children for more 15 years.

Audra’s favorite activities to do with children are art projects and she loves spending time with them outside.  She says, “I love how curious and willing they are to explore things.”  She embraces the silliness toddlers often enjoy, and appreciates how funny they can be.  Audra says she makes an effort to accept children where they present within the developmental sequence and nurture them along the way as they continue to grow.  Audra has worked in many childcare centers over the years and finds coop to be truly unique, elaborating to say  that she "like[s] how supportive the parents are of the teachers and of each other’s families.”

In her spare time, Audra likes to read, play video games, and watch TV with her wife Wendy.  They have two cats, Loxley and Always.  Audra also has an affinity for Harry Potter. She enjoys going to the movies and loves taking trips to the beach when she can.