Historic Lindley Park.


Nestled between UNCG and the Arboretum, Lindley Park was born in 1917,  designed to be a community based around a public park. The community has gone through many changes in its near century of history, but has remained Greensboro's center of socially progressive and community oriented city life. Today, Lindley Park continues to draw attention as a mostly owner-occupied neighborhood with neighborhood schools, churches, and businesses.

The streets are quaint, and charming, with ever changing architecture from block to block. The community has always been a choc full of character. Its tranquil, safe, and pedestrian-friendly streets have been a perfect setting for College Hill Co-op. Each year, it serves as home to many of out families and teachers, and an iconic locale for our Halloween and Independence Day parades, as well as Co-op Trick-or-treating. 

Originally formed in 1981 in the homes of College Hill, just between UNCG and Greensboro College, College Hill Co-op changed locations several times before landing in Lindley Park in 2005. Our current location, the former home of Hester's Creative Schools, was attended by many parents who occupy the neighborhood today, and we continue to boast anytime we receive a second generation co-op-er.